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I love food. Everything about it. I love the colours, the textures,  the smells, and the flavours. I love trying new dishes and I love indulging in some tried and tested favourites. From being introduced to the concept of risotto seven years ago by my baffled uni housemate, to developing a hankering for a spice rack (which I’m still yet to buy), and going on a culinary expedition through South East Asia – over the years my food repertoire has widened to once again shrink, as I’ve recently moved in with my steadfastly vegetarian boyfriend.

While I was adamant said move wouldn’t turn me into a vegetarian,  the prospect of cooking two different meals at the end of a long day wasn’t great. So now I cook (and am cooked) almost exclusively vegetarian food. At first I was disgruntled by this, put off cooking even. But I’ve since realised that a vegetarian recipes don’t HAVE to be all about veg, veg, and more veg. It is still possible to enjoy a rich, varied, and exciting diet sans meat and fish.

The problem I’ve found with websites, cook books etc. with solely vegetarian recipes, is that they more often than not cater to hard-core health enthusiasts, with most recipes containing a million different fresh ingredients you have to buy in especially. There’s nothing wrong with this of course – some days you’re in the mood to be uber healthy and make a real effort with your food. Other days though, you just really want something indulgent, or quick, and some days (whisper it quietly) you might even want something that reminds you just a little bit of meat.

As I’m sure you’ve worked out from the blog name, as well as being a part-time vegetarian I’m also a northerner – and as such am allergic to overly expensive food and pretentious products. When I’m searching for vegetarian recipes what I’m really looked for is something that’s relatively simple to make, doesn’t need too many ingredients I don’t already have, is tasty and people-pleasing, and, if I’m cooking for other non-vegetarians, will make them go away saying “actually, vegetarian food isn’t all that bad”.  My aim with this blog is to deliver recipes that fit all of these criteria. That I enjoy cooking and eating, and that hopefully you – and your friends and family – will enjoy too.

Thanks for visiting and happy cooking!

Jess x

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